Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A busy time...and time for tea!

As summer kicks in lots of other projects take over and Betty stays to the way side...fear not she'll be back later in the year with her friendly bakerettes!
We'll be teaming up with the Craft Guerrilla for a one off event.
Our pop up* vintage tea party will be on hand to quench those thirsty crafters.
So ladies and gentleman make sure you keep those diaries free and come have some tea and cake with us at the East London Craft Guerrilla "Craftea party"! Lots of bunting,sweet tea and delicious cakes to help you keep up your strength while crafting....oooh heaven!!!
Check out our last Vintage tea party blog entry from 2007
More info to come soon.

*Please note that the term "Pop up" refers to events that happen sporadically,for a short amount of time and in unusual venues that otherwise would host other types of events or even function as a static high street shop from a big international chain. There seems to be a question of it being an American creation/trend but further reading shows it to be so in the way that it is there,in the States,that it was first made popular and brought to everyone's attention. About a year ago or so POP UP events made it BIG here in the UK but many New York based companies and independents hosted many types of events ranging from boutiques/shopping to restaurants for a longer then we've been doing it...references date back to 1999!
It's now come to the UK and it's proved to be quite popular. Other London based entrepreneurs host similar events. Please do not confuse us with them. We don't want to take anything away from their endeavours as well as take away from ours.
In this years art trail we are hosting an independent,one off event. A pop up tea party.Our first was 4 years ago before it was even called a "pop up" event.So actually we were doing it without even knowing!We're not bothered that others want to take ownership of the name and idea. We wish them luck! Unfortunately the reality is that with technology,globalization and the web ideas spread and get noticed quicker then ever before! So to call "pop up" ventures original and belonging to someone in specific is a little bit arrogant and naive.
Basically it's a marketing tool and was pioneered by mega buck companies as one. Lots of big corporations have used it and now many smaller independents have followed suit. It's a fab idea and we love that so many people have embraced it and made it about alternative choices to mass produced shopping. The amount of joy and liberation such events give not only to the hosts but also to the visitors is amazing.
You might want to read the article featured below so to get a sense of what it's all about and how it started...

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