Thursday, 9 October 2008

absent without love...

I have to say that life is a funny old thing and as usual I have several fingers in several pies...excuse the pun... but baking has fallen to the way side and my time has been taken by other projects!
Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day and what little time I have left over is taken by other not so interesting tasks.
I do feel that I have suffered for not baking as much as I normally would because apart from having lovely treats to eat it's damned relaxing!!! I love baking and I feel like it's time to get some LOVIN back into my kitchen!!! The cooker's on the blink but I still manage to make basic sundries though I'm hoping St. Nick will bring one down the chimney this Chrimbo.Well a girl can dream!!!!
BUT I will resume very soon and fill this blog with lots more recipes. I have had time to make a few "new" recipes so...keep checking because I shall post them very soon!!